Innovation is essential
Few do it well

Consistently innovative organizations thrive.
Begin your journey to innovation excellence here.

Do you face any of these issues?

  • Worry that a fear-of-failure permeates the organization preventing new ideas from happening.
  • Lack of fresh ideas to meet strategic challenges.
  • Worry that the competition is going to pass you by.
  • Worry that there are ideas that could yield big impact… but you don’t know how to surface those ideas.
  • There are so many ideas in the organization, but few of them are connected to the company strategy, and with so much “noise” it’s impossible to tell which is which.
  • There is a lack of a repeatable, disciplined approach for generating, testing, and implementing innovative ideas.

Contemplate Innovation

Innovation is Key

Innovating in products and services is essential, but it is not the full story. Innovate in customer experience, business model, internal processes, . . . in all aspects of your organization that drive value and outcomes. Sew innovation excellence into the fabric of your organization.

Experience Praxis is a catalyst for lasting, high-impact performance improvement.

Transform your people.

Transform your outcome.

Transform at scale.

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Proven Methodology

Create a resilient and agile organization by transforming your team into capable innovators. Shift your culture to continuous learning and innovation.

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Change Acceleration Platform

Our cloud-based platform empowers cross-functional teams to connect, share, collaborate and develop across time and distance.

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90 Day Impact

In just 12 weeks, you will receive innovation solutions that are ready for implementation, resulting in significant cost savings and or revenue generation.

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Our clients realize large returns on investment – from 5x up to 30x – from improving internal process to creating a new market for their product/service.

Proven Methodology

Experience Praxis developed a disciplined framework and a set of repeatable processes that integrate strategic insight and the required competencies of innovators. Our I.D.E.A.S. Ignite Innovation framework challenges people to align with strategy and to see and act in new ways. Strategically-focused innovation creates valuable business results including:

  • Incremental improvements to existing products
  • Breakthroughs such as new products and services
  • Cost reductions, efficiency improvements, new business models and new ventures

“The number of hours saved will pass 13,000 or more; and I expect it to also result in significant cost savings.”

Glenn King, former VP of IT, Tree Top, Inc.

Change Acceleration Platform

Our methodology is seamlessly embedded in a state-of-the-art learning, doing, and inspiring platform. Individuals and teams follow a step-by-step process as they embrace challenging missions as they attend facilitator-led workshops, read and comment on thought-provoking articles and videos, create their own videos, participate in discussion forums, collaborate on virtual whiteboards, and more . . . all under the direction and oversight of their facilitator-coach. And the entire 90-day innovation journey is virtual (part or all may be in-person, if desired).

90-Day Impact

In just 90 days you and your innovation team will discover innovative solutions to successfully implement strategy. Our proven approach integrates strategic insight, the competencies of innovators, and our innovation platform for a disciplined, repeatable approach to innovation.

The result? Discovering new ways to achieve business results and accelerate growth.

We created an innovative new process which resolved a long standing issue effecting my organization. It is now bringing actual new world value to my ongoing operations.

Finance Director, Microsoft


Because our process begins with your organization’s strategy, and because we focus on internal and external customer insights, the innovative solutions that you and your colleagues discover ALWAYS result in a positive return on investment. Even if the solution is not implemented, is only partially successful, or fails, you are still moving in the right direction – the direction that aligns with strategy and supports organizational goals and objectives.