Our purpose is audaciously simple:
The result:
Successful, reliable, and sustainable innovation

Five years ago, we observed that only 6% of executives were satisfied with their organization’s innovation.  Innovation was ad hoc and undisciplined.  In response, we built a solution that is now integrated with the world’s leading change acceleration platform.  We extend these promises to our clients:

  • Innovation teams will confidently present prototypes that address strategic initiatives and innovation opportunities
  • Employees will be transformed into innovators with new knowledge, skills, & capabilities
  • You will have a sustainable, healthy, dynamic innovation ecosystem

We love unlocking business growth and employee contributions through innovation.  We lead a diverse team of seasoned professionals who provide expertise to greatly improve our clients’ results.  We are skilled in organizational and business development and have worked with clients around the world.

Peter Rogers


CEO of Experience Praxis

Kathleen Douglas is the founder and CEO of The Experience Praxis Group and co-developer of the I4 Innovation Framework.

Drawing from over thirty years of experience, with over twenty of those years as a consultant to Microsoft and other Fortune 500 companies, she combines organizational development experience with a passion to inspire innovation know-how to positively impacts business results.

 Throughout her career as an organizational learning consultant, Kathleen has been passionate about working with organizations to create change that captures the impact business leaders are trying to have, the difference they’re trying to make, and the future they are hoping to create for their organization.

Peter Rogers


Senior Consultant, Experience Praxis

Peter has worked to improve performance at Fortune 100s to start-ups, from Microsoft to Starbucks to CTI Biopharma to Codexk.  He does this in the areas of innovation, culture, project management and operational rigor by developing their people, teams, structure, systems and processes.

Peter inspires people to look at things differently, and to discover the undiscovered. He brings people with diverse exeriences and perspectives together to achieve things they have not yet dreamed of – to a new place where almost anything is possible.