Impact the bottom line

From a visionary, high tech company to one of the world largest supplier of fruit products – Experience Praxis works with clients who understand that “what got them here, will not get them there.”

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  • Incremental improvements to existing products
  • Breakthroughs such as new products and services

  • Cost reductions, efficiency improvements, new business models and new ventures

Significant business results.

The Experience Praxis Group’s innovation framework transforms day-to-day work plus enables you to step into the future you want to create.

  • Save time and money with more efficient and effective work processes

  • Drive sales results
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Gain a competitive advantage

Significant business value.

These are just some of the business results client teams have achieved working with The Experience Praxis Group. 

  • Reduction of 1,800 hours of labor time and resources put into the budget/forecast process. Reallocated labor hours to solve other financial challenges
  • Realignment of the balance between supply and demand resulted in an improved supply chain process, decreased raw material waste and increased customer satisfaction
  • Streamlined IT process saving $500k in six months
  • Improved OHI scores resulted from an employee recognition program to publicly recognize peers for their individual contribution
  • Funding $1.2M prototype at the companies product innovation lab

A few of our clients

Tree Top says it best

Experience Praxis partnered with Tree Top. Here are their stories highlighting result areas.

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